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Ancient Mother Wisdom is dedicated to bringing back the ancient healing wisdom of our ancestors.  The wisdom of the nourishing plants and herbs.  The wonder of our beautiful bodies, made to maintain health and wholeness, nourished by the bounty that  Mother Nature provides.

You are made to walk in beauty.

Remember who you are.

 You are created perfect, whole, and holy.

Nourishment is the key that unlocks the beautiful healing mysteries of our body, mind and spirit.  In the Wise Woman tradition we use simple plants and herbs, often common weeds,  to nourish ourselves first.   And then we make medicine from whole plants to give our bodies a boost in their self-healing activities.

Herbal medicine is people’s medicine!

It’s simple, it’s effective, and it’s inexpensive (or free).

Join me in remembering this Ancient Mother Wisdom that lives inside you.  I’ll teach you to nourish and love your body, making your own nourishing herbal infusions (“Green Elixirs”), and using food as your medicine.  I’ll teach you the 6 Steps of Healing in the Wise Woman tradition.  I’ll teach you how to make your own medicine for times of need.  And I’ll sing with you, breathe with you, dance with you on your way to health and wholeness.

Green Blessings!

Kimberly Cedar Cat
Wise Woman herbalist & educator

“Kimberly exemplifies the Wise Woman Tradition.
Her workshops nourish deeply, re-empower thoroughly, and help you reclaim your health!”
Susun S. Weed, author and herbalist.


Kimberly & Susun

Kimberly & Susun


Kimberly “Cedar Cat” Crail is a Wise Woman herbalist & educator, dedicated to helping you remember the Ancient Mother Wisdom for your modern life.  Kimberly graduated in 2008 from the Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship program with Susun S. Weed at the Wise Woman Center and is blessed to continue studying with Susun on a regular basis.  Prior to her transformation, Kimberly was a Finance Executive including (ironically enough) several years with the world’s biggest junk food company, and several years consulting with Wall Street institutions!

Kimberly’s goal is to empower you as you travel the path of your own unique healing journey.

Kimberly does not sell products.   She uses a variety of healing modalities, including plants, herbs & common weeds, as well as music, simple ritual, mind & story medicine.  For more information on classes, workshops, private consultations and more FREE herbal goodies, please explore the website!

Herbal Medicine is People’s Medicine!  
Universal Healthcare.  Brought to you by…
the Universe!

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Spring into Health!


What a gorgeous day today! Bright, breezy, a bit cool and warm in the sun. This kind of day sustains you! Our Mother is wearing her brightest creations, bursting forth with the new life.

I have so many violets coming up all over the place in the yard. A purple carpet.

Then we have the lovely Forsythia who is wearing her bright yellow gown! Flashy! I can’t resist smiling when I see those bright yellow flowers. Whether the sun is shining through and making them glow, or the rain brings them into relief with the dark tree trunks beyond.

Thank you, Great Mother! For your beautiful abundance.

You are made to walk in beauty. The herbs and plants are made to work with us. To nourish us, heal us, whole us. Join me to learn this Ancient Mother Wisdom. Herbal medicine is simple, it’s inexpensive or free, and you CAN learn to do it yourself!

In just 90 minutes you can empower yourself to reclaim your health. Using just 5 common herbs, you can revitalize your health in body, mind and spirit.

It takes only 10 minutes a day!

Join me today! Reclaim Your Health! Spring into the Ancient Mother Wisdom for your modern life.